Welcome in the Occhio academy digital!

Your knowledge – your choice

The Occhio academy digital offers you the possibility to deepen your knowledge about the product world of Occhio and prepares you for all your customers questions! 
We guide your through the features of our products and give you the option to decide for yourself which information is relevant for you.

Your knowledge – quickly and efficiently  

In the Occhio academy digital we preprocess the facts of our luminaire series for you in a lean and clear manner. That way you can see the features of a series at a glance and can go in-depth pointedly where you need it.

Knowledge – for you at any time

Moreover the courses offer you a good reference book to be able to prepare yourself specifically for a customer pitch or quickly look something up. Because other than at a training on site you can decide when and where you want to study.

Knowledge – at Occhio

Do you want to experience the Occhio world live?
The dates of our Occhio academy events can be found in the Partnerportal

Last modified: Friday, 7 May 2021, 7:15 PM