Occhio – Philosophy

A new culture of light

When light not only creates brightness but atmosphere, shapes spaces, and expresses emotions – even influences people's behavior – we speak of a new culture of light. Modularity, design quality, lighting quality and ease of use all come together to create a unique lighting experience.

Occhio stands for modularity

The skillful interplay of lightness and darkness, directed or diffuse light, used directly or indirectly, determines the quality of our sense of space – and our well-being. It is not without reason that light is considered the fourth dimension of space. Illuminate your space to perfection – Occhio gives you the perfect »lighting tools« to do so.

Occhio stands for design quality

At Occhio, we understand design quality to be the aesthetics of the outer shape, the look and feel of the surfaces, the attention to detail in the design and, not least, the functionality in handling. A symbiosis that turns quality into an experience.

Occhio stands for lighting quality

Lighting from Occhio represents an invitation: to enjoy and feel, to create something extraordinary and to express one’s own personality. It is thus about more than luminaires: We help people shape the lightscapes of their personal spaces and create a new culture of light. Because good light means quality of life.

Occhio stands for easy of use

With sophisticated features, Occhio luminaires make interacting with light a fascinating new experience. Control your luminaires intuitively with simple gestures. Or sit back, relax and direct the light in your room – using a tablet or smartphone and Occhio air.

Last modified: Friday, 7 May 2021, 10:00 AM